The Basics of Nerdly Super Communication Skillz

AKA A Glossary of Terms

The basic premise that must be understood (outside of a familiarity with World of Warcraft or other similar RPGs) is that you are a player in the game of life. As such, you have a certain amount of HP, MP, gear, spells, skills, level, etc. Real life is a set of quests, bosses, etc. that you must complete. Sure, you can take days off and choose to not log in, but do that for too long and you’ll probably deal with some pretty serious consequences, like homelessness. The wandering minsteral seems like a cool choice until it’s time to eat.

So, not only are you playing, but so is everyone else. Their dailies and bosses may not look the same as yours but they’ve got them too. People you’re close with, either by choice or force, can fight near you  and help you out, but they really can’t fight FOR you.


So, your quests, dailies and boss fights are your normal responsibilities. Maybe it’s school, a job, errands, basic self-care, etc. Doing these cause your HP to drop. This is not the only thing that can cause HP to drop, however. You can have debuffs, like being ill, DOTS like being depressed, or your gear or level might not be high enough for the stuff you’re doing. All of these can change how fast or slow your HP drops.

Just like in the games though, there’s a way for you to regen health. Maybe you work out and that gives you a slow heal over the day. Maybe you eat a particularly good meal and that gives you a boost. Maybe a chat with a close friend refills you. Only you can really know what’s going to refill your bar when you need it.

Remember those people around you that I mentioned before? They can also help you get some of that HP back. They can cast spells on you, like shields (for example, running an errand for you) or heals (like say, making you a meal or giving you a massage.)


MP exists in this as well. MP, as you probably know, allows you to cast spells on yourself and others. MP is really like how much mental energy you have to make things happen, both for yourself and those around you. Sometimes you can boost this the same way you can with your HP but it’s generally a lot harder. Your brain will check out far before your body will. Also, often things that might boost MP, like say caffeine, are temporary and may start doing physical damage, either immediately or as a DOT.

MP is great for boosting those around you too. If someone needs a heal (say, a hug or some time to chat), you can give from your MP to them to help them regen some HP.


Each day, you start out at the inn. If you’re lucky, at the end of last night, you got there on your own two feet. If not, you respawn there. If you got there on your own power, there’s a good chance that you’ve regened some of your HP and MP, repaired your gear, maybe even gained a level or two. You were able to contain the battle to that day and you’re starting the new day with an advantage.

However, sometimes (or even generally for some people) you don’t make it to the inn under your own power at the end of the night. You run out of HP and you wipe, rezzing at the inn. You wake up the next morning and you know that you didn’t regen much if any HP and/or MP. Your gear might be broken.You certainly didn’t gain any levels. You may be screwed for today and, if you’re not careful, you could be screwed for a week, weeks, months or years if you don’t recognize how bad your situation is. But that’s for another post…

So, those are the basics. It’s not perfect, but we hope that as we fill this out more and more and work with it, it’ll be of use to some people. Let us know what you think!

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