Why You Need A Good Guild, Part One of …

Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.

W. Clement Stone

World of Warcraft Guild by GENZOMAN

There will probably be a ton of these posts, because as science and just common sense shows, hanging with a good group of people on a regular basis makes your life easier and better.

This post in particular was inspired by a friend of mine! My buddy Kirk brought up a really solid point recently. He said:

Some of the greatest achievements can’t be accomplished alone, and the truly great achievements can only be accomplished with those you’ve found along the way and can trust and depend on, who complements your unique set of gear and abilities with their unique set of gear and abilities.

Loved this because he’s absolutely right, esp. for higher level stuff. Think about queuing in the dungeon finder: you need a tank, a healer and some DPS. Without those three different roles present, things may not go well (unless you’re super OP for fights!) Same deal with some of the rarer achievements. You need your group, your comrades, your guildies.

When you’re too low level, say as a kid, you generally have your family there backing you up. They’re your guild. You can get stuff done because they have your back, making sure you’ve got your needs met, getting your butt to school on time, etc. You get through your achieves in your early life because someone else is making sure you’re not scrapping for food.

As you grow up, that first guild usually becomes less important. Not unimportant, but when you start taking care of yourself, their help becomes less critical. You’ve leveled up to the point where you don’t need someone else making you food and potions, you’re doing that on your own. In addition, your first guild may not understand you or share goals with you. As your birth family guild becomes less important, often a new family becomes more important, the family of your choosing. These people become your new guild.

But a whole guild with all mages isn’t going to do so well. You’re going to have to pug your tanks and healers (and we all know how well that goes) or have to do some insane, inefficient mage healing. On top of that, too often, too many people of the exact same type create an echo chamber. If you’re all loving the exact same things, doing things the exact same way, etc. that becomes THE WAY THINGS ARE. It doesn’t leave any room for improvement or differences and suddenly, anything else is irrelevant or even dangerous to the group.

I’m sure I’m going to sound like a PSA saying this but you need to have a diverse guild. It’s like my buddy said, often times, someone else having a different, especially a complementary, skill set, outlook or viewpoint is going to make you better, faster, stronger and that makes your daily fight a lot easier. Less grind, more win.

As we will explain in a future video, Morello and I look at the world very differently. So differently in fact that we can’t even understand how the other person gets through the day. That being said, we are each other’s greatest strength, not each other’s greatest weakness. I’ve helped him understand and learn so many things and so much more of my day-to-day life is made possible by him. Without him, there are so many things which would be totally impossible for me. These are just two of the many examples where he and I have grown individually and as a couple, thanks to our differences. Heck, he eats sushi now!

I’m sure you see this in your own life somewhere. Maybe you have a friend who has the same taste in games or TV so they heal you through their suggestions. Perhaps it’s your SO who always encourages you to keep practicing guitar rather than spacing out. Maybe it’s your hiking group… the possibilities are endless.

As a reminder, a great heal for both the giver and receiver is gratitude. So, if you have people in your life who help you like this, tell them so. Be direct. Say, “hey, thanks for always helping me with the dishes. It really means a lot!” or “I’m so glad I’ve got you guys on my side when I need you” Too often, we go without doing that and it means so much. Definitely gives a quest reward!!

As always, we love to hear what you think. Comment below and let us know! Who’s your greatest ally and why?

Oh and that boss art at the top? It’s from GENZOMAN on dA. Click over and check it out!

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