Just elfin do it.

I was talking to a buddy of mine (who happens to be a totally rad SF&F author) the other day about dogs. He was talking about how in the future, he wanted a couple himself, a shiba inu and a corgi. I happen to have two corgis who are the best dogs in the world. Sorry everyone else! My dogs? Best dogs.

But back on topic… I told him, “if there‚Äôs no really bad reason to not get the dog now or soonish, get the dog now or soonish. Dogs are like kids. There will never be a good time, just better times!” BTW, I actually believe this when I say it. Just do it, right?

Flash forward a couple of days and I’m in the post-gym car ride home. I’ve got to do my hair since the roots are getting pretty bad. My hair, if you’ve seen recent pictures, is a silver grey. It’s a silver grey I work hard for and that I’d wanted for a long time, but I was too chicken to just go fucking do. It would be too much work, I told myself. I would hate it, I said. It would ruin my hair was another excuse I used. But after admiring another friend’s hair again, I jumped in. I asked his girlfriend how he did it, bought the products and just fucking did it. And you know what? It was hard. It’s a lot of work and upkeep. But I love it AND it didn’t ruin my hair! 50/50 isn’t bad!

After thinking about the hair, it made me think of all the other stuff I’ve wanted, like body mods, vacations, wardrobe acquisitions, jobs, friends and lovers… the list goes on and on. I’ve given myself all sorts of really awesome sounding excuses for why it’s a bad idea, but when it comes down to it, I was just too scared. “The time just isn’t right,” I’d say. I would have been too scared to pull the trigger on getting Finny if it weren’t for the fact that Morello went puppy crazy. Now I have this amazing dog who makes my life super awesome. What else would I have if I weren’t so damn scared? Where would I be if I just went for it?

But that’s not a question I can linger on, there be dragons down that one! While I’m not going to be jetting off to Ibiza to go rave for 24 hours straight any time soon, it does make me wonder where I can grow a little and make some more of my dreams into reality. Maybe it’s finally time to get my ears pointed and gauged like I’ve always wanted (my excuse there? “What about when I’m old?” Well, I hope I’m a super awesome old lady who still loves her elvish ears!)

I know it sounds super cliche but you only get one shot at this life. One massive DoT sitting on a lot of people’s screens is the Shoulda spell: I shoulda asked her out. I shoulda applied for that job. I shouldajust quit this one. Unless you’re one of those brave people who only goes after what they want whole hog, you’ve probably got it. It’s so easy to get.

Most people will never be rid of it completely. It’s the nature of choice: generally, choosing something means also NOT choosing something else. It’s so easy to get caught up in that, but don’t. That’s life. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the spiderweb of that or the idea of the “right”, be it time, person, situation, etc.

This is your one shot. What’s it time for? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll be cheering you all on and I hope you’ll do the same for me. This is definitely one of those “heal thyself!” posts.

oh and btw, it’s always time for ADVENTURE! Isn’t it obvi?

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