WTF is Westholme?

I had prepared to post about something I’m sure very important today, but then I realize that there was something far more important to discuss. Like, for example… um, what’s Westholme and why are you running it?

Westholme is, specifically, a street here in Los Angeles that Morello and I drive past pretty regularly. The first time we saw it, we laughed about how it sounded like a horrible zone in World of Warcraft. You know the one… you do it because it’s great XP and there’s no other zone that’s going to get you the same gains. You could run 5 mans, maybe, if you had the heirlooms, but really, you’re probably not going to get what you need. So you run Westholme. You just gotta get it done.

What we realized later is that Westholme is a metaphor for life. You can opt out of it (ask hikikomori!) but if you’re going to progress, you got to run Westholme. Westholme isn’t necessarily fun, it’s not exciting, but you can make it that way depending on the choices you make (including making the choice to have fun doing it!) and who you run it with.

So, as we wind down for the holidays, I hope you get to spend some QT with your favorite folks, maybe save up some heals and potions for a later date or get some leveling in. We’ll still be posting over the month, so follow us on FB, Twitter or Twitch!